Just as no two businesses are alike, GM Web Services recognizes the truth that no single website consultation package will satisfy the needs and wants of every client. This is why we offer detailed web consulting services to help you determine why your site is not showing up in Google, and what needs to be done to bring visitors to your site and keep them coming back.

Your Domain/Brand Name - Your website address is your identity online, it is one of the most important elements of any website because it is what customers use to find you. Your URL should be easy to remember, easy to spell, and synonymous with your business. Let us advise you on the best URL strategy for your website.

Content and Structure - In terms of search, content drives high visibility. Ccontent keeps visitors on the site. When you meet with us, we'll discuss your target audience and/or market and deploy an effective design template and content layout around meeting your website goals. GM Web Services applies proven site concepts, text styles, and content that maximize the usability, visual appeal, and search engine friendliness of your webpages.

Graphic Design - Forget about template database design! We will employ the best graphic design, custom images and logos, to jive your website a unique appearance. Existing logos can be integrated seamlessly into your website design to give your business a fresh look.

Functionality - Once it's determined what information your site should convey, then we get down to the business of how the information should be executed. GM Web Services will consult with you with regards to your site's overall functionality. Whatever the goals for your business, GM Web Services can suggest the proper tools for best distributing the information throughout the Internet.

Online Payment Transactions - If needed, GM Web Services will consult with you about the best methods of online payment for your site. From customized shopping carts for e-commerce to donations for religious, non-profit or charitable organizations, GM Web Services applications can allow you to accept secure credit card transactions with ease.

Database and Storage - Build customer mailing lists and determine changes in inventory based upon sales history. With a web-based database engine , businesses can store customer data, inventories, order histories, and other content online. GM Web Services can create the right application for your business website, and open up a whole new world of functional efficiency and marketing effectiveness.

Site Visibility and SEO - It's said if you're not found on Google, you're just not found. While we acknowledge the impact high search engine results can have on your business, there is more to optimizing a website than praying for a number one ranking. GM Web Services can tailor an SEO strategy to suit your site's goals - visibility is important, but it's nothing without conversion. Site submission, pay per click advertising , content management and other promotion methods are offered to build your online presence and increase awareness.

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