Convert Your Website for Mobile Devices

Everybody has some kind of mobile device in hand. If people aren't talking on phones, getting feedback on shopping for the night's dinner, they're consulting GPS applications for directions, taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook or TwitPic, or they're simply surfing the Web. These days, mobile units are fast outnumbering the computer three to one, and although most everybody will continue to access the Internet through a laptop or tower unit, the Smart Phone, the Android, the BlackBerry, and the iPhone have brought the Web outside, allowing people to become mobile without completely leaving the cyberworld.

Where does this leave your company or organization? If you have a website, you can most assuredly be accessed on a Smart an extent. When users access Google to search for information, no matter what device they use, the sites with properly implemented search engine optimization will show up first. If you don't have a do you expect people to find you at all?

The Internet is the new 411 for phone users. With smart phones, people call up Websites to check on movie times, restaurant menus, retail and commercial services, and events in their city. With GM Web Services, you have the opportunity to grab a user's attention with sharp design and custom programming, and optimized pages and social media profiles for broader exposure of your brand.

With our specialized feature for Android and iPhone, you can convert your website into a mobile friendly interface for free! Android and iPhone users will be able to browse your site without having to squint at text and look for links. Don't have a website yet? We'll create one for you!

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