Custom Blog Design

Everybody blogs now - it's the new journalism, the most accessible form of online communication. These days weblogs, or online journals, are quoted on television news programs and references in books and print media. Blogs are known now to break news in entertainment and politics, and shop owners use the user-friendly, functional tools to update customers on new developments. Blogs display video and audio podcasts, allow for instant visitor feedback, so you can promote online when you're not online!

Whether your business involves retail products, financial or travel services, or if you run a non-profit organization, a companion blog for your website can augment your static content and attract the attention of search engines. Google in particular is apt to index blog content faster than regular websites, and as blended search becomes the norm among the major engines it is important now more than ever to blog on a regular basis.

GM Web Services recognizes your business' needs to keep visitors informed of new developments and products. As part of our website design packages, we include blog functionality to allow you to post updated articles, opinion, photos and video to your site with just the click of a mouse. Why wait for a major site update to impart news to your customers when you can blog? Use the push-button publishing functionality to archive a company newsletter, or attach widgets and monetize your site with Google Adsense ads or affiliate programs. With blogs, the possibilities are endless.

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