Pay Per Click Strategies for Your Business

Pay Per Click is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines for the purpose of allowing websites to advertise for high visibility. PPC is cost-effective, easy to execute, and there are no term limits. You can set campaigns to launch and end at any time. When you sign on with GM Web Services to manage SEO , you have the option of allowing us to craft and maintain an effective Pay Per Click campaign for your site.

With search engines, pay per click advertisements are usually text ads placed near search results; when a site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged a small amount. Variants include pay for placement and pay for ranking. Pay per click is also sometimes known as Cost Per Click (CPC).

Pay per click advertising is recommended for newer sites. Yahoo/Overture and Google Adwords are two of the most popular pay per click advertising programs, as both allow for exposure across a number of website and search engines. Overture sponsored listings appear on Yahoo, MSN, and other engines, while Google Adwords also appear as part of the Google AdSense program.

The key to a successful pay per click campaign lies in knowing which search terms to bid upon, how much to spend, and knowing which search terms are best relevant to your site. GM Web Services offers a range of PPC and paid advertising services, and will work with you to determine the best methods for spending your allotted online marketing budget. Let us help plan your PPC strategies.


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